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Our Story

In 1996, Midway Business Centre commenced its journey at 703 Stockport Road, Manchester, aiming to be a haven for businesses in need of a versatile workspace. Recognizing the challenges faced by enterprises, the founders envisioned a space that provided flexible solutions catering to various work requirements.

Midway Business Centre became a nurturing ground for entrepreneurial aspirations in Manchester. It offered hourly, monthly, and annual office rental options to professionals seeking affordable yet ideal workspaces. Affordability was a core principle, allowing businesses to thrive without excessive costs.

Over the years, it evolved beyond a mere business centre into a thriving community where collaborations flourished, ideas collided, and success stories unfolded. From startups taking their first steps to seasoned professionals finding growth opportunities, Midway Business Centre became synonymous with possibility and progress.

Today, as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit, Midway Business Centre remains open at its prime location, welcoming ventures old and new. It stands as an epicenter of innovation, collaboration, and growth, shaping the future of businesses and turning dreams into reality.

Our Partner Sites
MAXSTRENTH (Boxing and Fitness )
UKCAT (Free Education and trainings)
MAXSTRENGTH UAE (Fitness and Boxing equipment’s)
POWERSTAR ELECTRICAL (Deal in electronics )
JABZ IMPEX (Sports goods whole sale deal)

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